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This is where you can access madforscuba's archive of reviews; bring up what you're looking for in the boxes and we'll soon tell you what we thought - with no punches pulled.
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Neutral Buoyancy 9 May 2001
The Fever Pitch of scuba diving
Mapping The Deep: The Extraordinary Story of Ocean Science 1 May 2001
Robert Kunzig's account of discovery in oceanography
Flying ray 28 Apr 2001
It keeps you amused
Red Sea Dive Guide updated 2 Apr 2001
More sites than you can shake a stick at in the newest version of a popular guide
Kenya and Tanzania 2 Apr 2001
Guide adds to the body of knowledge about Africa's under-used east coast dive sites
Adrenaline junkies apply here 31 Mar 2001
Diving as it should be, but of a kind few of us can experience
Dive guides - the rundown 29 Mar 2001
Most dive guides series have a common look and feel. This is a rundown of the bigger sets.
Thailand 28 Mar 2001
Authoritative guide to the country from an acknowledged expert
Mediterranean Sea Guide to Underwater Life 22 Mar 2001
Looks like a dive guide but offers much more information about the Mediterranean and its marine life
Great Barrier Reef 21 Mar 2001
A great introduction to GBR's sites, but doesn't cover enough ground for our reviewer...
Dive Scapa Flow 21 Mar 2001
Latest edition of a 1990 book by a respected diving figure, exploring the fascinating site of Scapa Flow.
Ray and shark field guide 19 Mar 2001
All you need to know
Cool, hip and happenin' 12 Mar 2001
How to look the part and not lose your hair.
A photographer's friend 7 Mar 2001
Recognizing a constant need to refine and improve, Sea & Sea has taken Nikon's lead and upgraded its popular NX90 housing. The NX-90Z is designed to wrap i...
Whitby Technical Rescue knife 2 Mar 2001
Small knife, big punch
Knife/scissors 18 Feb 2001
It's obvious really. A dive knife with a pair of shears built in!
Turks & Caicos Islands
Grand Turk
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Equilite 1000
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