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A searchable archive of all the material relating to photography, both still and video.
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Fish photography part - 5 1 Apr 2001
Knowing your subject improves results
Give it back 31 Mar 2001
Getting more colour into underwater video
Fish photography - part 4 29 Mar 2001
Bottom dwellers make the most co-operative subjects, but are in the hardest situations to photograph
Fish photography - part 3 18 Mar 2001
Capturing images of sharks -subjects with teeth
Fish photography - part 2 15 Mar 2001
Getting it on in groups
Fish photography - part I 13 Mar 2001
How to be a sneaky bugger
Wreck Photography 2 Mar 2001
Wreck photographs are one of the most popular images among divers.
What a view 28 Feb 2001
Wide-angle lenses open up your photography
Snowstorm 22 Feb 2001
Backscatter is the bane of every underwater photographers life. You can have the best camera equipment or the cheapest, but it can still ruin your day.
Pulling apart 21 Feb 2001
What makes a great picture stand out from an average one? Composition? No. Focus? Not always. Separation? Could be.
Slave to light 19 Feb 2001
All photographers, be they serious or snappers, are governed by light. He's how to be the master.
Slow it down 17 Jan 2001
Slow sync flash is an effective tool for land photographers, especially when shooting sports, but the effect is actually easier to produce underwater becau...
Tension breaker 17 Jan 2001
Of all the underwater photographic techniques employed to dazzle the viewer, half and halfs are the most impressive. They are also one of the trickiest to ...
The art and the pain 16 Jan 2001
Sharp, well-exposed, colourful and superbly composed underwater images. If this sounds like your photography then you're doing it right and your name is pr...
Flash bang wallop 16 Jan 2001
So you're getting a bit bored on a dive or find it a struggle keeping your loved one's interested with tales of butterflyfish and the like. It's time you g...
Lights, camera, action 11 Jan 2001
Underwater video is growing in popularity thanks to an influx of new equipment that has given divers more choice.
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