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This is where madforscuba stashes the marine stuff - what it is, where to find it and when it will be there. If it isn't in the list try the archive.
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Napoleon wrasse 31 Mar 2001
Big, brash and a Mick Jagger impersonator
Locust lobster 30 Mar 2001
Turning the spotlight on a primitive and little-known creature
Did you guess? 29 Mar 2001
The answer to Wednesday's question
Can you guess what this is? 29 Mar 2001
Thursday's marine life guide teaser.Let us know if you know
Did you guess? 28 Mar 2001
It's Acanthaster planci of course!
Any ideas? 28 Mar 2001
Wednesday's can you guess what it is?
Can you guess what it is? 27 Mar 2001
Let us know and the answer will appear tomorrow
Cute as you like 13 Mar 2001
Eagle rays benefit from the teddy-bear syndrome
Beauty with a bite 9 Mar 2001
Lionfish are as pretty as lace blowing in the wind, but they carry a venom, so be warned
Life on the endangered list 9 Mar 2001
The life and times of a hawksbill turtle
Life on the lunch menu 8 Mar 2001
It's not easy being a glassfish
Sharks 6 Mar 2001
In June 1975 the world of the shark was turned upside down. JAWS was released and from the day, people really did fear the water and the death from beneath...
Inquisitive in the extreme 4 Mar 2001
Batfish are welcome companions to many divers
Intelligent creatures 27 Feb 2001
The common octopus is not as vulgar as its Latin name suggests.
Ministry of sideways walks 26 Feb 2001
British crabs feature on virtually any UK sea dive, yet too few divers know anything about the cool water crustaceans
Common as muck 24 Feb 2001
Plumose anemones are everywhere, but do you know anything about them?
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