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Fancy saving a piece of the planet?

Recycling a bottle is one thing, helping to establish a marine park is something completely different.
You get a strange feeling knowing you saved a piece of the planet . That's where mad for scuba .com is going today. We'll arm you with the knowledge you need for taking a bigger step than listening to the sound of breaking glass outside Sainsbury's.

Also, we'll start giving you a rundown of the weather to get you prepared for the weekend. Where will be best to dive on Saturday and Sunday and where will be the best place just to sit in the pub and watch the white caps. We'll let you know later.
Published : 5 Apr 2001.
News Articles
A digital vision
New housing for digital video
5 Apr 2001
Kick Tony Robinson's butt
Well, perhaps not, but you can play at being on Time Team
5 Apr 2001
The bush that is anything but green
Biggest polluter accused of playing with island nation's lives
5 Apr 2001
Coral lands Survivors in deep water
US Hit TV show busted for reef wrecking
4 Apr 2001
Ripples in the Red Sea market
Departure of industry figure
4 Apr 2001
Uninvited guests
New arrivals for Teneriffe
4 Apr 2001
Beached whale
Humpback in Kent
3 Apr 2001
Ground-breaking clean-up completed
Sudbury getting back to normal
3 Apr 2001
Diver airlifted to Haslar
Rapid ascent from South coast wreck blamed
2 Apr 2001
Top 5
Just a bit of Monday morning fun
2 Apr 2001
Save the earth
How you can help
5 Apr 2001
Needle in a haystack
How the Numidia died
4 Apr 2001
Open circuit vs rebreather
Breathing efficiency comparison
3 Apr 2001
Kenya and Tanzania
Guide adds to the body of knowledge about Africa's under-used east coast dive sites
2 Apr 2001
Overhead environments
Cave divers are the calmest people you will ever meet. They have to be because if you let panic over...
2 Apr 2001
Red Sea Dive Guide updated
More sites than you can shake a stick at in the newest version of a popular guide
2 Apr 2001
Wrecks getting wrecked
We've been asking on our home page for your views on wrecks and how they should be treated - with re...
2 Apr 2001
At one with the fish
Principle and construction of semi-closed rebreathers
1 Apr 2001
Fish photography part - 5
Knowing your subject improves results
1 Apr 2001
Adrenaline junkies apply here
Diving as it should be, but of a kind few of us can experience
31 Mar 2001
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